Today’s Special: Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup… are probably three words you’ve never thought about putting together. But, after checking out this Kickstarter campaign, you might just be saying them over and over.

Grimm Bros, a new indie RPG game company led by veterans of the video game industry, is introducing their debut title, Dragon Fin Soup. The game is set in a universe of “fairy-tale inspired worlds.” You won’t find any heavy-hitting 3D engine pushing Dragon Fin Soup; this game will give you that classic 2D look with the beautiful contemporary graphics that current generation gamers come to expect.

Based on details from the Kickstarter, players can expect a tactics-style, JRPG-esque, rogue-like experience. But, you’ll also get a choice on how you want to play the game. There are two options: the first plays like “the classic mystery-dungeon rogue-like with permanent death,” and the second offers “an RPG with proper story, persistent content, grinding, crafting, fishing, you name it.”

If the intro video is to be believed, we just might be seeing a very robust and innovative game coming out soon. From the blending of game genres, a mixture of unique art styles, and a truly expansive concept, Dragon Fin Soup is a game we’re definitely looking forward to later this year.

Check out their Kickstarter and consider backing the project (closes on April 10)!

I want to play this so bad! Can’t wait.

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